Teenager of Juri dies in London terror attack

  • আপডেট টাইম : March 04 2020, 17:12
Teenager of Juri dies in London terror attack

Saifullah Hasan:

A teenager named Shanur Ahmed Daiyan (16) has been killed in a terrorist attack in the Docklands Light Railway station in East London, UK.

Sharif Ahmed’s son Daiyan’s house is in Goalbari of Juri upazila of Moulvibazar.

His uncle Shibbir Ahmed Rahat said that Daiyan went out to see his mother to a doctor on Monday night, March 2. After returning home after seeing doctor, his schoolmates called him to go out. And he said he’ll be home in half an hour.

But after not returning home he was given a call from his home, and his mobile phone was found off. Later he did not return home. After that Police recovered his body from a locality on Tuesday morning.

however, it is convinced that the terrorist attack may result in his death. UK Police confirmed his family by seeing ID card. The dead body has not yet been handed over to the family.

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