Mehedi Hasan Limon wants to go far

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Mehedi Hasan Limon wants to go far

Entertainment Report:
Mehedi Hasan Limon started off with writing lyrics from 2010 and continue till 2014 and then his first track got released globally in mid 2014. Limon plays a huge role in the Bangladeshi music industry and his lyrics are being mesmerising and very much heart touching to many audience. Limon has a various level of writing skill which includes sad, romantic and also emotional words.

Mehedi Hasan Limon also said about his 5 upcoming projects. Starting with Alvee featuring the legendary singer Kumar Bishwajit, the song is called “ Vule Jete Chai”. Asif Akbar & Pujas “Tomar Oshukh”. Imrans “ Amar Tumi Nei”. Minars “Shobai Hariye Jay” & Belal Khans “ Valobasha Odrisho Kanna”. Besides that he is also working work with various artists which includes Tahsan, Kona, Oishi, Prottoy Khan, Protik Hasan, Milon, Alvee Al Berunee and many others.

Limon have been writing songs for more than four years and most of his songs are very much successful, Such as Imran’s ‘Emon Ekta Tumi Chai’ and ‘Amar Kache Tumi Onnorokom’ Asif Akbar & Kornia’s ‘Ki Kore Toke Bujhai’ Minar’s ‘Chokh’ Tahsan ‘Oprapti’ and ‘Bhalobashi Tai’ Pritom Hasan’s ‘Urte Shekha Pakhi’ Elita ‘Chokher E Nile’ Prottoy Khan’s ‘Oporadhi’ and many more popular song in the Bangladeshi music industry. which influences new comers to get into music. He have been very supportive to everyone and very much friendly with the newcomers and he also says that “we are at the youth and I believe we will always keep on entertaining the listeners”.
Staying at home in this quarantine Limon have prepared many songs and also written many tracks which will be released when this quarantine gets off.

Mehedi Hasan Limon have recently signed for a movie which is called adventure of Sundarban which features Siam Ahmed and Pori Moni, he is doing the title track for this movie alongside with Alvee Al Berunee.

He also wanted to say to his audience to stay at home and enjoy the pre-released songs until this whole pandemic ends and everything gets normal. He will be back with his exciting new contents says Mehedi Hasan Limon.

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