Tarzan visa; a fraud, misery and notoriety for migrants

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Tarzan visa; a fraud, misery and notoriety for migrants

Amdadul Haque:

Country’s youths specially unemployed are being trapped by the organised international gang of human traffickers who are alluring them to send Europe and America as Tarzan visa passengers.

There is no such thing as a ‘Tarzan visa’. But in reality there is. Bangladeshis are taking the risk of Tarzan visa in the hope of a better life.

The King of the forest Tarzan jumps from one tree to another, from one forest to another, Tarzan visa is like that.

Human traffickers take young people from one country to another on fake visas in the name of getting a job in a developed country in Europe or America. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by boat or ship, sometimes by bus or any other vehicle sometimes they are taken on foot and they cross mountains, forests, seas or deserts.

Despite knowing everything, Bangladeshis are falling into the clutches of a class of brokers and traveling across Europe-America as Tarzan visa passengers. Many are dying along the way. Many are trapped in deep jungles or dangerous places. Even from that dangerous place, the middlemen take the Bangladeshis hostage and demand large sums of money from their families.

In recent years, the news of the drowning of migrants on their way to Europe via the Mediterranean has raised concerns among international migrants.

However, the path of illegal immigration from Bangladesh to the United States is more risky. There are no statistics on how many people have died while crossing this road so far. Even after that, those who can reach the United States are not the last to be saved. U.S. immigration authorities detained them as soon as they are caught. After several days of painful imprisonment, they are sent back to Bangladesh.

Migrants have to cross the border into Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala through jungles and mountains. Finally crossing the border into Mexico and the United States, many died on this long journey due to half-starvation or torture by human traffickers. The experience of those who survive is no less frightening than death.

Much the same thing happens with immigrants in Europe. Many Bangladeshis cross the Mediterranean through the perils of the temptation of brokers and human traffickers. This route is marked as the most risky in Europe.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), one out of every 50 immigrants traveling to Italy on this route has died. Besides, many are being detained by the local coast guards. Even after this, the influx of immigrants has not stopped.

Talking to the concerned people, it has been learned that every Bangladeshi victim has to change to human traffickers hand at least five times to go to Europe from Dhaka via Libya. Reaching Libya by these routes alone costs Tk 5-9 lakh per person. If the money is not paid everywhere as promised, there will be incidents like ransom and abduction of immigrants.

Sometimes the immigrants have to accept the cruel consequences human traffickers. Although many people have died so far, human trafficking rings remain out of reach.

According to law enforcement and related sources, it is not possible to bring the main gangs under the law because they continue to carry out human trafficking activities in Libya, Dubai or Turkey.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 2 million people have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe between 2014 and April this year. Among them there are more than 19 thousand Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh is also in the top ten of the list of countries whose citizens tend to cross the Mediterranean to enter Europe. So far, many Bangladeshis have died trying to cross this risky, illegal and dangerous path. On May 9 last year, 37 Bangladeshis died in a boat sinking off the coast of Tunisia. They were crossing the Mediterranean illegally in the hope of immigrating to Europe.

The Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) said that despite raising awareness, a class of people is deliberately trying to travel to different European countries in search of a better life on fake visas. There is an opportunity to check whether there is any job in such visa through BMET but they do not do that.

Shamsul Alam, director general of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET), told that, “When someone fall in danger, then we know about them. But we don’t know about those who go and survive. They are tarnishing the image of the country.”

According to him, this is behind the domestic and foreign human trafficking ring and members of a class of immigration. If not, how do they get on a plane with a fake visa? If all the victims of this fraud file a case under the Human Trafficking Act and if the law enforcement becomes more active, this tendency may decrease

The government is also concerned about this, he said, an inter-ministerial meeting was held recently to prevent human trafficking.

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