Winter vegetables supply increase, prices decrease

  • আপডেট টাইম : December 15 2020, 12:42
Winter vegetables supply increase, prices decrease

Amdadul Haque:

With the onset of winter, the supply of winter vegetables has increased in the capital. As a result, the price of winter vegetables have come down. Many buyers said that vegetables are getting cheaper after a long time.

Visiting one of the largest vegetable stores in the capital Karwan Bazar on Friday,it was seen that old potatoes were being sold at Tk 35 per kg fixed by the government. Which was 40-45 taka last week.

Last week, the price of new potatoes was 55-60 taka per kg. It is being sold at 45-50 taka. Prices of cauliflower, cabbage and onion have also come down.

However, the sellers are buying from Karwan Bazar and selling at 10-15 taka more than this price in different retail markets of the city.

Cauliflower and cabbage are being sold at Tk 10-20 per piece. Domestic onions are being sold at Tk 50 and Indian onions at Tk 30 per kg.

In this regard, Montaj Ali, a resident of Farmgate area of the capital, said, “Beans that I bought a month ago at Tk120 have now come down to Tk 30.”

Kutub Ali, a vegetable trader in Kawran Bazar, said, “Vegetable prices have come down due to increased supply. Prices may fall further in future.”

Meanwhile, rice prices have remained stable as before. Atash paddy rice is being sold at Tk 47-48 per kg. Chinigura rice is being sold at Tk 83-86 per kg, Basmati at Tk 58-66 per kg and Atap rice at Tk 54-55 per kg.

Although the prices of vegetables have come down, the prices of eggs have gone up in a week. Last week, eggs were sold at Tk 85 to Tk 90 per dozen. But today it is being sold at 90 to 95 Taka.

The price of chicken is the same as before. Last week, the price of broiler chicken was 130 Taka per kg. It is being sold at the same price this week. Pakistani breed chickens are being sold at Tk 230 per Kg and domestic chicken at 420-450 Taka kg.

Karwan Bazar’s trader Kaeim Mia said, “Lots of vegetable carts have arrived this week. That means a lot of vegetables have arrived. Eggplant is being sold at Tk 30-40 per kg, Bean at Tk 30-35 per kg, Karala at Tk 35-40 per kg and Radish at Tk 10-15 per kg.

The price of tomato has not decreased. The price of ripe tomatoes was between Tk 80-100 last week, prices are going up and down in the market.

Mahbuba Sultana Sumaiya, a buyer who came from Maghbazar to buy vegetables at Karwan Bazar, said, “Prices seem tolerable and I bought 2.5 kg of turnip by 30 Taka.”

Akmol Mia, a vegetable trader from Karwan Bazar said about the high prices in other markets, “When goods (vegetables) are unloaded from the truck, there is a price. Whenever you go to another market, you will not get vegetables at this price. Of course the price will be higher. Because they count their carrying cost.”

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